AFJA – Proposed calendar for 2018


Some important news and also some feedback that we need, but first a reminder that membership fees for 2018 are now due and the application form is enclosed.  We have maintained the fees at $50, as they were in 2017.

After much discussion with the various organisers we have arrived at a preliminary programme for 2018 and we invite your feedback.  It isn’t 100% firm at this stage as many clubs are still finalising their events for 2018 and dates are not fully known, but hopefully it won’t move too much.  Some points to note:

  1. We are not invited to Phillip Island this year, as it is the turn of M&O to be given a “holiday”.  Hence our first historic meeting isn’t until April!
  2. We tried to get an event at either Lakeside or Willowbank but at this stage we have had no luck.  We were offered 3 options, one of which clashed with Wakefield in April and the other 2 were one week either side of Sandown in November.  However, we haven’t ruled it out and an opportunity may arise as the new year unfolds.
  3. The AGP is on 24/25 March and Phillip Island is 17/18 March.

Round 1 – Wakefield Park – April 7/8 – if we can guarantee 15 cars we will be given our own race.  Double points!

Round 2 – Mallala – April 28/29 – not 100% on the date just yet.

Round 3 – Winton Short – May 26/27.  If we can provide sufficient cars the organisers will give us our own trophies and provide lots of promotional coverage for us.

Round 4 – Morgan Park – early July

Round 5 – Winton Long – August

Round 6 – Wakefield Park – September

Round 7 – Sandown – early November

Round 8 – Eastern Creek (Aka SMSP) – December 1 & 2

Now for the important bit of feedback.  We have been invited to a club level meeting at Sandown on 3 & 4 March, which would be a much better start to the year.  However, they need a minimum of 15 cars.  The advantages of attending this meeting are:

  1. We will have our own grid.
  2. Entry fees will be less than $400
  3. It is a much better time to kick off the new year and it will be a small and friendly meeting with lots of track time.
  4. We will award double points since we will have our own grid.
  5. Historic Touring cars are also invited so we won’t be the only historic group.

However, the organisers need to know by early January, so please get back to me as soon as possible (BEFORE CHRISTMAS) if you can commit to this event.   Remember, we need a minimum of 15 starters to make it viable. 

We would also appreciate your feedback on the proposed calendar above.  If we include Sandown in March then 9 rounds may be too many, so please give it some thought and let me know.  The majority will rule, so please have your say.



PS – have a great Christmas break!

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