Historic car racing in Australia is divided into groups of cars from different eras. Formula Junior is contained in both group L and M which encompasses a variety of cars mostly incompatible with the restrictive regulations of Formula Junior. This situation encouraged historic car owners to adopt later modifications unsuitable to their car for competition purposes, which in turn destroyed the unique value of this international car. To arrest the trend and take advantage of similar interest overseas, a group of owners proposed the forming of an association.

At a meeting of owners held 18th April 1998 it was resolved to form an association with a potential membership of 80 known Formula Junior car owners in Australia. Then at a subsequent meeting held 9th March 2007 it was resolved to incorporate the association, and adopt model rules published by Consumer Affairs Victoria, refer http://www.consumer.vic.gov.au for details.

AFJA Statement of Purpose

  • Promote Formula Junior cars within the Historic car racing fraternity
  • Promote a Historic Formula Junior Trophy Series of events in Australia and overseas
  • Identify, record and maintain register of Formula Junior Historic racing cars in Australia
  • Provide for the various needs of members including the production of regular newsletters
  • Reverse existing trend to convert Historic Formula Junior cars to modern specifications
  • Affiliate with and provide representation of members interests to controlling organizations applicable to Formula Junior cars


All Australian Formula Junior car owners automatically qualify for ordinary membership.

Associate membership is available by invitation to owners of:

  1. international 1 litre formula 3 cars complying with original FIA requirements
  2. certain Formula Junior compliant cars that never raced as such during period

Associate membership is also available to non owners who drive or have driven such cars in competition.

Financial member

A member including associate member who pays an annual subscription fee as determined from time to time.

Executive Committee

President: Kim Shearn – classicblue365@gmail.com
Secretary: Noel Bryen – noelbryen@kevingmail.com
Treasurer: Robyn Bryen

Committee Members

John Rowe (WA)- jarowe@westnet.com.au
Rob Buckley (QLD)
Max Pegram (VIC)

Life Members

Kelvin Prior
Roger Ealand
Margaret Ealand