Newsflash 3/6/2018

Apologies for the lack of AFJA reports, but I have been in Europe since the middle of April (non motor sport related) and have only recently returned.  Consequently, I missed both Mallala and Winton, but am now really looking forward to Morgan Park, as it has been a long time between drinks. 

Mallala was attended by Kim, Bill and local member Wayne Hocking, with Wayne maximising points for the weekend because Kim left early and by the looks of things Bill was having car trouble.  Unfortunately, Kim and Bill are currently in Europe racing in the final Balkans leg of the Diamond Jubilee, so I don’t have a race report to share with you.

The big news from Winton was the excellent form of Danny Ciarma in the Lynx, who managed to write a new lap record of 1:08.047.  Congratulations Danny, I am looking forward to having some fun with you at Morgan Park in mid July.  You can watch Danny’s record lap at the following link.

So, after three rounds our championship table now looks like this, with Danny Ciarma sitting on top.  Keep it up Danny!

NAMESTATECarClassWakefieldMallalaWintonMorgan PkWinton LongWakefieldEastern Ck TOTAL
7/8 April21/22 April26/27 May30/6&1/7AugustSeptember1/2 December  
CIARMA, DannyVIC1962 LynxFJ2R28 30    58
SHEARN, KimVIC1961 Lotus 20/22FJ2R2130     51
BROWN, JeffVIC1969 Brabham BT28F340      40
FALKINER, NormanVIC1959 StanguelliniFJ1F40      40
THALLON, DonQLD1963 MRC 22FJ2R34      34
HOCKING, WayneSATADFJ1R 34     34
MOODIE, SteveVIC1960 Lotus 18FJ1R  30    30
LARNER, JamieVIC1965 Copper T76F3  30    30
BRYEN, NoelNSW1963 Rennmax B-1FJ2R28      28
FAULKNER, PaulVIC1960 Lotus 18FJ1R27      27
BUCKLEY, RobertQLD1963 GolfordFJ1R25      25
CONWAY, AllanQLD1965 Brabham BT15F324      24
HEMMING, BillVIC1962 ElfinFJ1R1113     24
BUTCHER, RobertSA1960 Lotus 18RFJ1R  16    16
FRY, GeoffNSW1961 JolusFJ1R14      14
WILLIS, DickNSW1962 AusperFJ1R2      2

See you at Morgan Park on 14/15 July.


Noel Bryen,

Secretary, AFJA.

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