Newsflash 25/1/2020


As Kim mentions below, I will send the details out shortly for the AGM which will be held at Phillip Island.  We book a house for the duration and the intent will be to have the AGM on the Friday night over a BBQ and a few refreshing drinks of your choice.  But more on that later.  

I have also  included an extraction from a conversation Kim had with his local Hoosier tyre agent.  They are having a special on Formula Vee tyres which are the Vintage TD compound.  The Vintage TD is on the Group M tyre list, so if you want to get your car out on the track for a run, the Hoosier could be a cost effective option.  If you entered your car as Group M rather than FJ, then you should be legal.  However, for FJ only races, you would need the regulation Dunlop.



A message from our President:

Well,  another year passes and thoughts turn to what lies ahead. Each one of us has their own challenges, however, I really hope more of us can gather together at some race meetings this year.

The magic happens when like-minded people meet, talk and swap war stories with each other. Last year alone, we had members travelling far and wide including Antarctica, New Zealand, Denmark, not to mention the UK and numerous other European countries. All have great Formula Junior tales (except maybe Antarctica!) Some are even true, but most include terrific fun, with exploits abroad and at home too.

Most members say it’s the people as well as the racing that attracts them. If that is the case, I sometimes wonder why more folk don’t race, or at least attend meetings, more often so any feedback would be more than welcome.

My absence overseas each year continues to have me believe that another member of your choice may be better positioned to further our cause and re-invigorate our group. How about it? Anyone prepared to take over the reins from the AGM which will be held at Phillip Island in March?

Location and time details, voting slips, an agenda and previous minutes will be circulated in due course by our untiring Secretary, Noel Bryen.

Please give thought and voice as to how we can enhance what is a truly unique and special group of historic racing enthusiasts…FORMULA JUNIOR.

Kim Shearn 




Hi Kim,

Thank you for the chat on the phone this morning.

Following our conversation we have a special on our Formula Vee tyres which will work on Formula Juniors.

We are having a sale of these tyres at $450+ per set!

The compound/tyre range is our Vintage T.D. which has received amazing success around the world in both wet and dry conditions.

I understand that the current tyres you are using are Dunlop 4.50-15 Front and 5.00-15 Rear.

Our FV rear is very close to the 4.50-15, we also have a 5.00-15.

So, other options may be the following:

FV front & 5.00-15 rear = $980+ / set

FV Rear (on front) & 5.00-15 rear = $988+ / set

The specs on the tyres are as follows:

DesignationTread widthAprrox dia.Approx Circ.Meas RimSection WidthPrice

Please note, the measurement of tread width is quite subjective.

Measured Rim also affects the section width.

Therefore when comparing to other tyres it may not be an accurate comparison.

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