Newsflash 19/11/2020

Greetings, after what has been an uneventful, eventful 2020 if you know what I mean.

At last I have some motor sport news for you. 

Firstly, we “enjoyed” a very  wet, cold and miserable weekend at Wakefield Park at the end of October and although there were rivers running across the track in all the wrong places it was good to get out and have some fun.  Despite the fact that it was only a NSW meeting thanks to COVID, we had 150 entries and some good grids. 

On the down side, WP have installed some new noise monitoring equipment with 3 sensors and they were very exuberant in its use. I was black flagged in the first race on Sunday when I could eventually use a few revs and start to enjoy myself, so I packed up and went home.  Many others were pinged as well, so if they maintain that sort of vigilance I won’t be going back.  The circuit manager encouraged me to make a submission to council, which I did, so we will see what happens.  Apparently WP are under pressure from neighbours and are trying to strike a balance so that they can sustain the business into the future.  There must be a cow in a nearby paddock that produces curdled milk on a Monday morning after a race meeting.  I offered to shoot the cow, but they didn’t take me seriously.

And the most important news?   Phillip Island 2021 is ON.  5/6/7 March.  This is the labour day long weekend for the Mexicans, so get your accommodation booked asap.  It is slightly truncated from a normal PI meeting with private practice on Friday, rather than Thursday as it has been over the past few years, but never mind, it is still Phillip Island.

And lastly, the message below was sent recently from some enthusiastic “old timers” from the HSRCA and I encourage you to support them if you are able.  Bear in mind that the meeting is for pre 1961 sports and racing cars, so not all FJs are eligible.  However, if you are hungry for a drive and want to do it in a relaxed and friendly manner, then this is an ideal opportunity.

See you at the track

Noel Bryen


We have been away, but we are back!


Rob Rowe/John Lackey/John Medley are once again involved in running a race meeting—for old cars and old motorcycles (including sidecars). We started at Amaroo Park in 1976, and revived with great success at Wakefield Park in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019– special days indeed.

Ours remains a unique and special event: we are amateur enthusiasts who love our motor sport, and want to share that with like-minded enthusiasts, friends old and new. We would like you to join us.

We are challenged by trying times. We hope to endure and to survive, but we cannot do this alone: we need your help, your involvement, your active participation, your very strong commitment.  Our relationship with Wakefield Park remains wonderful, but in 2021 we investigate a new site: Pheasant Wood Circuit, Marulan– as keen as we are to host this special event. 

We together need us all to meet this challenge 

What  “All-Historic Race Meeting 2021”

When   11th and 12th  September 2021 (with a private practice day available on the 10th September 2021).
Where Pheasant Wood Circuit, near Marulan NSW.  Pheasant Wood Circuit is not as long as Wakefield Park , but lap times at Pheasant Wood are similar to those at Wakefield Park.  The track is licensed for 25 machines in a race or regularity trial.  Google ” Pheasant Wood Circuit” for track layouts and on track action pictures of solos, sidecars and racing cars.

There is camping accommodation reasonably nearby at the Bungonia National Park at very reasonable cost; or all the accommodation options at Goulburn 30 kms south on the M31.

Who  Pre 1963 Motor Cycles and Outfits and Pre 1961 Sports and Racing Cars.

How  By 31st December 2020, we need  confirmation of your intention  to compete from a minimum of 100 eligible cars and 100 eligible motorcycles, in the form of a $50 deposit on your entry fee (to be refunded by 31st January 2021 if insufficient entries are received).

Please send your name and $50 deposit to Pheasant Wood Circuit
Phone Pheasant Wood 02 48411422 to make arrangements to pay by cheque or money transfer.
Bank Details  BSB: 032102   Account: 108676  Use your name as the reference.
Total entry fees, including deposit, are $160.00 Solos, $ 160.00 sidecars, $200.00 for cars. MA , MA single event, AASA and CAMS open and CAMS L2 (regularity) rider/driver licences will be accepted.
If we do not succeed in getting  entries for 100 Cars and 100 Motor Cycles (including sidecars)  the meeting will be abandoned and  Historic Motor Sport in NSW for older Historics will probably cease  to exist!.

Why  To have a wonderful race meeting and enjoy our bikes and cars and one another’s company.
We do not wish to fail; we want you to help the meeting to succeed.  Please plan ahead, commit to this plan, spread the word to encourage others particularly new others to send their deposit.  Let us all get this special occasion on the go.
Pheasant Wood Circuit and RR, JL, JM.

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