2020 President’s Report

President’s Report – 2020

A year like no other? That’s for sure. As there has been very little in the way of activity during 2020 let’s look ahead instead.

Phillip Island is upon us and, as usual, should be a cracker, even sans spectators. Then Wakefield Park a couple of weeks later, followed by Mallala in April.

No doubt some of us will participate in at least one of the above and some, including me, will do all three. Anyway that’s the plan subject to border restrictions. Organisers are offering full refunds should the pox interfere  so enter and plan to be there if you can.

I remain perplexed as to why a number of our members have race ready cars but don’t usually travel to meetings. This year is the time….extremely limited, or no opportunity, to race or holiday overseas, so Australia is calling. Time to get off the couch, explore and race around our vast, interesting country. 

The first two rounds of our 2021 championship are set to be PI and Wakefield. The following rounds will be decided at our AGM at PI.

Last year’s championship is redundant really so no trophies will be awarded.

I would like to recognise the considerable work Noel & Robyn Bryen contribute to our group. They truly keep it all together and we would almost certainly fold were it not for them. My contribution is negligible compared to them.

And that brings me to the position of the Presidency. Surely one among you have the desire and drive to take on the role and commence afresh. We need new blood, enthusiasm and ideas to drive our group forward to prevent us rolling into a larger unit like M & O, for example. Any takers? I’m out of ideas except for recognising the need for a new start.

The history of Formula Junior is in our hands and ours alone. We need to preserve the origins of the class, after all, it remains the only universal historic formula on 5 continents! Add to this the value of your investment in your car and it becomes apparent that should we fail to exist, then surely values will decline and that isn’t helpful to say the least.

As custodians of some magnificent cars, in my view we need to do more to increase awareness among the wider historic racing community as well as others. Why do you own your car? Would the opportunity to display and show your car to the public be more important to you than to race it? Let us know along with any other positive ideas.

Western Australia has a big number of cars and they are a very active group both here and overseas. Perhaps they have ideas and people who can move us forward?

These decisions are largely in members hands and I encourage you to urgently consider our future structure, activities and methods to increase participation among us.

Meanwhile, stay safe and good racing,

Kim Shearn 



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