AFJA 2018 Report

Dear AFJA Enthusiast,

Happy New Year and great racing for 2019.

My apologies for the final report being a little late this year – the Christmas holidays interrupted things a little. 

The final pointscore is attached with the winners of the three perpetual trophies being:

The Leo Geoghegan Trophy – Noel Bryen

The Aussie Car Trophy – Rob Buckley

The Nereo Dizane One Litre F3 Trophy – Allan Conway.

Hopefully, now that the Diamond Jubilee has finally completed we will have some more competition for 2019, which kicks off at Phillip Island in March.  We will also hold the AGM at Phillip Island and details will follow as we get closer to the event.  I am open to suggestions for the racing calendar for 2019 and the list below is just a suggestion at this stage.  I am pretty sure that the Sandgropers intend to have a dual event one week apart at Barbagallo and the new track further south sometime in 2019, but I don’t have a confirmation of which month.  So, a very draft calendar based on what we did this year is:

Round 1 – Phillip Island – March

Round 2 – Wakefield Park – April

Round 3 – Mallala – Easter

Round 4 – Winton Short – May

Round 5 – Morgan Park – July

Round 6 – Winton Long – August

Round 7 – Wakefield Park – September

Round 8 – Eastern Creek  – November.

Please, let me know your thoughts.

Enclosed is a note from Rob Buckley, who is selling his lovely Aussie Special, the Golford.  A very affordable racing car for someone wanting to get into historic motor sport.

Also enclosed is the AFJA renewal form for 2019.  The joining fee is still only $50 and don’t forget, we are a CAMS affiliated Association, which means that this is the only club you need to join in order to go racing!

NAMESTATECarClassWakefieldMallalaWintonMorgan PkWinton LongWakefieldEastern Ck TOTAL
    7/8 April21/22 April26/27 May30/6&1/7Aug 4/5Sept 22/23Dec 1/2  
BRYEN, NoelNSW1963 Rennmax B-1FJ2R56  34213140182
BUCKLEY, RobertQLD1963 GolfordFJ1R46    4040126
CIAMA, DannyVIC1962 LynxFJ2R56 30281  115
BROWN, JeffVIC1969 Brabham BT28F380    26 106
THALLON, DonQLD1963 MRC 22FJ2R68  34   102
LARNER, JamieVIC1965 Copper T76F3  30  313091
FALKINER, NormanVIC1959 StanguelliniFJ1F80      80
SHEARN, KimVIC1961 Lotus 20/22FJ2R4230     72
HEMMING, BillVIC1962 ElfinFJ1R2218   16 56
FAULKNER, PaulVIC1960 Lotus 18FJ1R54      54
CONWAY, AllanQLD1965 Brabham BT15F348      48
FRY, GeoffNSW1961 JolusFJ1R24  21   45
TELFER, AlanQLD1961 Lotus 20FJ2R      3232
PEGRAM, MaxVIC1960 Gemini Mk11FJ1F  19 12  31
MOODIE, SteveVIC1960 Lotus 18FJ1R  30    30
MEDLEY, JohnNSW1959 NotaFJ1F  28    28
HOCKING, WayneSATADFJ1R 23     23
NITSCHKE, RichardSA1962 Elfin FJFJ1 18     18
EDWARDS, CameronWA1960 Cooper T52FJ1R  18    18
BUTCHER, RobertSA1960 Lotus 18RFJ1R  16    16
BRYDEN, MurrayVIC1961 Lotus 20BFJ2R    11  11
WILLIS, DickNSW1962 AusperFJ1R4      4

See you at Phillip Island.

Noel Bryen.

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