President’s Report. 2018

Another year passes and we have to congratulate our trophy winners. Noel Bryen took out top honours this year and it was well deserved. Allan Conway collected the F3 Nereo Dizane title with Rob Buckley succeeding in winning the best performed Australian built car.
Now the Diamond Jubilee has wound up we must work harder than ever to ensure the interest garnered in our group grows and flourishes as we would like.
Throughout the year we continued to be blighted by small grids in our class. However, some really good racing happened in mixed M & O races and that will help to keep our regular racing members off the streets, so to speak.
The highlight for me was the FJ only grid at Wakefield Park, and we should be able to repeat that this April if everyone makes a big effort to get their cars ready for it. Really try….it’s we’ll worthwhile!
Personally, I find it increasingly difficult to contact our members as often as I would like due to my extended absences overseas. Members may wish to consider a change in Presidency to address this important issue. Regular contact, coupled with meaningful feedback are certainly two ways to improve our attendances at historic events.
I believe we need to reinvent our communication strategy, utilising Facebook or whatever. That way, we can spread news faster, continually share parts availability and better track ownership of our cars to name but a few advantages. It takes funds, of course so we need to grow our surplus to achieve these things. Not easy, though critical for the way forward for the AFJA.
In my view, we also need to improve our profile in the Australian historic scene if we are to protect the value of our cars and, more importantly, continue to show the benefits of FJ ownership along with its ability to be part of a truly global racing class. This is our unique feature that no other type of historic car group can boast, hence the world-wide market for Formula Junior cars.
I want to sincerely thank Noel and Robyn Bryen for largely carrying the can regarding all things administrative…and more. We are indeed very fortunate to have such dedicated and able people to keep the association in fine fettle throughout this and previous years.
Hopefully, this coming year and beyond will see more members getting involved in our activities as this is the only way we will hold our own, let alone expand.
I encourage you all to become more proactive and contribute where you can. After all, I can think of no better way to enjoy our cars than when we race together, with great camaraderie. It is fantastic fun and even more enjoyable when lots of us get together.
Here’s to a great 2019.
Yours in racing,
Kim Shearn

AFJA 2018 Report

Dear AFJA Enthusiast,

Happy New Year and great racing for 2019.

My apologies for the final report being a little late this year – the Christmas holidays interrupted things a little. 

The final pointscore is attached with the winners of the three perpetual trophies being:

The Leo Geoghegan Trophy – Noel Bryen

The Aussie Car Trophy – Rob Buckley

The Nereo Dizane One Litre F3 Trophy – Allan Conway.

Hopefully, now that the Diamond Jubilee has finally completed we will have some more competition for 2019, which kicks off at Phillip Island in March.  We will also hold the AGM at Phillip Island and details will follow as we get closer to the event.  I am open to suggestions for the racing calendar for 2019 and the list below is just a suggestion at this stage.  I am pretty sure that the Sandgropers intend to have a dual event one week apart at Barbagallo and the new track further south sometime in 2019, but I don’t have a confirmation of which month.  So, a very draft calendar based on what we did this year is:

Round 1 – Phillip Island – March

Round 2 – Wakefield Park – April

Round 3 – Mallala – Easter

Round 4 – Winton Short – May

Round 5 – Morgan Park – July

Round 6 – Winton Long – August

Round 7 – Wakefield Park – September

Round 8 – Eastern Creek  – November.

Please, let me know your thoughts.

Enclosed is a note from Rob Buckley, who is selling his lovely Aussie Special, the Golford.  A very affordable racing car for someone wanting to get into historic motor sport.

Also enclosed is the AFJA renewal form for 2019.  The joining fee is still only $50 and don’t forget, we are a CAMS affiliated Association, which means that this is the only club you need to join in order to go racing!

NAMESTATECarClassWakefieldMallalaWintonMorgan PkWinton LongWakefieldEastern Ck TOTAL
    7/8 April21/22 April26/27 May30/6&1/7Aug 4/5Sept 22/23Dec 1/2  
BRYEN, NoelNSW1963 Rennmax B-1FJ2R56  34213140182
BUCKLEY, RobertQLD1963 GolfordFJ1R46    4040126
CIAMA, DannyVIC1962 LynxFJ2R56 30281  115
BROWN, JeffVIC1969 Brabham BT28F380    26 106
THALLON, DonQLD1963 MRC 22FJ2R68  34   102
LARNER, JamieVIC1965 Copper T76F3  30  313091
FALKINER, NormanVIC1959 StanguelliniFJ1F80      80
SHEARN, KimVIC1961 Lotus 20/22FJ2R4230     72
HEMMING, BillVIC1962 ElfinFJ1R2218   16 56
FAULKNER, PaulVIC1960 Lotus 18FJ1R54      54
CONWAY, AllanQLD1965 Brabham BT15F348      48
FRY, GeoffNSW1961 JolusFJ1R24  21   45
TELFER, AlanQLD1961 Lotus 20FJ2R      3232
PEGRAM, MaxVIC1960 Gemini Mk11FJ1F  19 12  31
MOODIE, SteveVIC1960 Lotus 18FJ1R  30    30
MEDLEY, JohnNSW1959 NotaFJ1F  28    28
HOCKING, WayneSATADFJ1R 23     23
NITSCHKE, RichardSA1962 Elfin FJFJ1 18     18
EDWARDS, CameronWA1960 Cooper T52FJ1R  18    18
BUTCHER, RobertSA1960 Lotus 18RFJ1R  16    16
BRYDEN, MurrayVIC1961 Lotus 20BFJ2R    11  11
WILLIS, DickNSW1962 AusperFJ1R4      4

See you at Phillip Island.

Noel Bryen.


My apologies for not writing sooner, but things have been a bit hectic since my return from racing overseas. And what a time it was! Five race meetings over five weekends in five different countries. That was only the start as several meetings followed them a month or two later. The Baltic Series for the Diamond Jubilee (In Lithuania, Latvia and Sweden) was a huge success and Aussies, as well as the Kiwis featured well up in most, if not all events. My memory forbids me from mentioning a few in fear of leaving out many. Suffice is to say the Marty Bullock was our outstanding representative winning several sectors of the Jubilee and a number of individual races along the way.

Our trusty motorhome travelled around 10,000 K’s this year in only a few months and “Joyce” was super reliable as usual. Some terrific camping spots were found with Bill Hemming and his wife Deb… and some crappy ones too! The pleasure of camping in the paddock at meetings was again reinforced as a most enjoyable way to go motor racing. Why don’t more circuits allow it here at no cost? Surely it would help to increase their number of entries? It seems to me that promoters don’t take into account the TOTAL cost of entering their meetings and may be well advised to re-think the overall cost to competitors.


Back home, things moved along with mediocre support from our group. We continue to struggle to get enough cars out at any one time to fill a grid, so the Wakefield Park meeting was encouraging and seems to be our best opportunity to have an FJ only race. We’ll do it again next year, so be sure to place that one on your calendar when planning ahead. Those who attended one or both Winton meetings were rewarded with some good racing at this Junior friendly circuit. Phillip Island is back on for us next year so that is also one for your diary.

Meanwhile, Sandown and Eastern Creek are looming and will be quite well attended by various “Juniors” so if its not too late, your entry will see even stronger participation of Formula Juniors. I view these meetings as important for us as they offer an excellent opportunity to showcase our cars and their true worth in the Historic Racing scene. Make sure your car is included! We are one of the few classes that race truly original cars and that must also enhance their monetary value as well as their appeal to spectators. Is it important to you to protect your asset’s value….I think it is…your thoughts?


Four cars from the Eastern States are currently booked for the New Zealand tour on the South Island run from February 1st, 2019 through to February 17, 2019…. three race meetings over three consecutive weekends. THERE’S STILL ROOM FOR TWO MORE IF YOU’RE QUICK!  CALL ME ON 0418 335 385 if you are interested. each meeting entry is only about AU$275, International freight circa $1250 and local cartage in NZ to be advised, but will be reasonable, judging on past experience. The Kiwis really look after us and put on good ól time race meetings that are super enjoyable. Eight cars are also coming from the UK so along with 18 locals they will be fantastic events for sure. Cheap motels along the way (many for AU$75-80) and wonderful sights to see in between each meeting. In total, you’ll drive less than a thousand Klms from, and back to, Christchurch, so it’s a great holiday too!

International Championships

The European championships for both front and rear engine cars completed last weekend and the results, for those who are interested, will be announced soon. They include the Lurani FIA championship, that is run in several countries around Europe and the Silverline front engine championship that is based primarily in the UK.


Locally, I would like to hear from any members regarding the structure and location for our next year’s championship as now is the time to lock in any alternative venues or events that appear popular among our racing members. We can vary things if numbers are strong enough and it is about trying to please as many as possible. Naturally, we can’t always satisfy everyone’s individual requests, but I’ll certainly endeavour to make the meetings as accessible and as cost affective I can.


On another note, it would be fantastic if anyone has photos of our cars and especially our members, at recent race meetings. If you could forward these to Noel Bryen it will be pleasing to circulate them to our membership in the forthcoming newsletter. Should any of you have any news of interest, a car or trailer for sale or even spare parts, now is the time to let us know, preferably with a photo and we’ll publish it free of charge to the membership at large.

Yours in Racing,

Kim Shearn


President’s Report for 2017

Last year saw many of our “clan” opt for participation in the Diamond Jubilee events that continued around the world. As expected, this had a negative affect on local grids, but some really good racing occurred here, nevertheless. Congratulations to Noel Bryen who deservedly took out our major trophy, making him “Number 1″in 2018, should he so choose. It is appropriate at this point to sincerely thank Noel and of course, Robyn Bryen for their ongoing hard work and enormous support in ensuring all things Formula Junior in Australia run well. Their knowledge of, and passion for Historic Motorsport is well known to all and it continues, unabated, luckily for us!

During 2017, the American leg of the Jubilee was held and it highlighted to me the difficult issue we also face in Australia – that of distance. The USA races were sensibly split, basically into two halves – West and East coast. I was fortunate to be able to participate in the East coast section along with about 12 other Aussies and Kiwis! It was a fantastic experience. They do things a bit differently over there, but it all works well. Strong grids and really good racing at several iconic circuits along the way. The Yanks are masters of logistics and planning and it shows. The circuits were immaculate and the track surrounds were groomed to perfection. This enhanced activities considerably. I spoke with a number of casual spectators, who, whilst not being what you would consider as true petrol heads, enjoyed the time they spent at the track and they were well catered for. Including lots of grassy knolls…who said that? Whatever you do, don’t mention “The Donald”

The year saw a few cars change hands and we welcome several newcomers to our growing ranks of owners, and, more importantly, competitors. To further enhance this, I am aware of at least two more cars undergoing restoration that just might see the light of day this coming year. Margaret Ealand must be thanked for her decision to ensure Roger’s much cherished Lotus 18 remained in Australia with new custodian Paul Falkner… at some exxpense to Margaret, such is her enthusiasm for our group. No doubt Margaret will be on the phone to you soon to encourage your entry and to keep tabs on our “fleet”” movements.

The calander is set for 2018 and our first meeting at Wakefield should be fantastic with 14 starters at the time of writing. Is it the double points, the track, or just simply time to blow the cobwebs out for you? Your feed back to our small, but growing membership is vital to ensure we remain relevant and accommodating to as many as possible. Dust your toy off – come and have fun with us as often as you can.

Let’s make 2108 a memorable year – time marches on so, IF NOT NOW – WHEN?

Yours in racing,

Kim Shearn